• hemp clothing for women

    Hemp clothing for women – we show you what’s new

    Hemp clothing is quickly becoming a staple in the women’s organic clothing arena. Not only does hemp clothing make perfect sense for the Earth, it also makes great sense for your wardrobe. Almost every apparel item that can be manufactured using more traditional, non-biodegradable fabrics can also be made using hemp with significantly less impact on our environment. This advantage is certainly good, but it also is particularly helpful for traveling; because you’ll get more use out of every hemp clothing article, you don’t need to pack as many!

    The fact that hemp is naturally strong and durable is what gives it the edge over other natural fibers. Natural fibers such as cotton or silk are brittle and subject to damage from both moisture and heat. Hemp is a hundred percent natural fiber, which means it is strong enough to make comfortable clothing that doesn’t feel stiff or wear out as easily. Although hemp is quite flexible and has a slight sheen to it, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a very durable fabric.

    One of hemp clothing benefits is that it is an eco-friendly fabric, because it doesn’t require the use of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Organic materials such as hemp grow better than crops grown using synthetic chemicals, because they don’t require these practices. The fact that hemp grows without the use of pesticides makes it safer for the environment overall. Since hemp clothing is made using natural fibers, these issues are greatly diminished, making hemp clothing more affordable than clothing made from traditional materials which use pesticides.

    We definitely recommend mixing and matching some of these styles for your hemp summer look:


    All styles are available from VitalHemp https://www.vitalhemp.com/

    Women’s Hemp V-neck Hemp T-shirt $44

    Women’s Hemp Long Sleeve $60

    Women’s Anywhere Hemp Pant $119

    Racer Back Hemp Tank Dress $69