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    Breastfeeding Dilemmas for New Mothers

    Born to be breastfed

    Centuries ago, and before the invention of baby powders and synthetic milks, one of the only ways for a new born child to receive nourishment was via the breast milk produced by its mother. Although more and more people are turning to alternatives to provide the vital nutrients needed for their new baby to grow, plenty still choose the traditional method – a method promoted by doctors and medical experts in general.

    But there can be a lot of stigmas surrounding the act of breastfeeding, particularly when it comes to privacy, comfort and the availability of milk.

    On one hand, this natural activity can be considered invasive by many and what would have originally taken place with the needs of the baby in mind has now been replaced by the demand for etiquette and appropriate behaviour. Many mothers feel that they are unable to feed their babies in public and plenty turn to alternative measures, such as using breast pumps to express milk for use when the baby needs, or even using man-made powders to be fed via bottle.

    What other stigmas exist around breastfeeding?

    Some mothers simply struggle with the fact that there are issues surrounding breastfeeding in general. Although it is an activity that is entirely natural, it can often be deemed inappropriate and even suggestive by some. But there are many other concerns that mothers face – and these can include the comfort of the activity itself, with plenty complaining of pain during suckling; which can often lead to sores and rashes.

    Furthermore, there’s also the risk of not being able to produce enough milk – an event that seems to be occurring more and more frequently as the years go by. Many doctors and specialists put this down to a decrease in adult nutrition, from diets and so on. When it comes to actually having to breastfeed their children, it’s not uncommon for mothers to feel as if they would prefer not to expose their tender skin to their child – and in extreme cases infections can occur as a result of the skin being grazed and unable to heal.

    Other options for new mums available to help with a newborn

    Many mothers enjoy nothing more than suckling their young babies whenever the child is hungry, but it’s not unheard of for others to feel like they simply can’t. Although there really isn’t any natural reason why they shouldn’t; the stigma associated with the activity can be pretty daunting. Fortunately, there are many options available.

    As mentioned briefly above, many mothers choose to use breast pumps to express milk when it’s available and then store it for use at a later date. These devices allow the milk to be extracted in a painless manner and then easily transported from device to bottle, or another suitable storage accessory. Although feeding by bottle might be frowned upon by some doctors; this doesn’t relate to mothers using their own milk, as the stigma actually relates to the substitute powders and ingredients manufactured to replace natural breast milk.