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    Can Benzo use for anxiety lead to addiction

    Benzo Rehab for Addicts

    When prescribed to individuals with certain psychological disorders (such as anxiety, insomnia and seizures), benzodiazepine substances can be a safe and effective way to treat an issue. However, they should not be used consistently.

    Research has shown that long term usage of these Benzo sedatives can lead to addiction, which can cause a variety of problems on its own. In severe cases, a dependency to these types of substances can be fatal – which is why it can be so important for addicts to get the help they need before it’s too late.

    Can dependencies to benzos be cured?

    Although it can be easy to form a dependency to a benzodiazepine drug, trying to stop abuse and overcome an addiction isn’t usually a simple task.

    Those who try to quit are likely to suffer through a range of withdrawal symptoms – and the stronger the dependency, the worse these are likely to be. Those who try to lessen the amount they take without medical assistance or advice may experience some of these issue and alongside the fact that going cold turkey can potentially be fatal, it may seem that overcoming the use of these types of substances is impossible.

    However, with the right help and care, becoming sober and saying goodbye to drug abuse can be achieved.

    What to expect from benzo rehab

    Rehab centres that deal with these types of Benzo addictions can offer their patrons a good chance to overcome their need to abuse; no matter the substance, or the severity of the problem. Usually, patients at these facilities will go through detoxification and extensive treatment, where they will be given the support they need to overcome both their physical and psychological dependencies.

    A good medical centre is likely to have professional psychiatrists, medical experts and addiction specialists helping them to overcome their issues. Often, they will ensure that their patients are not only overcoming their dependencies, but that they’re as safe and relaxed as possible as they do so.

    Although treatment for benzodiazepine addictions can vary depending on several factors (such as the treatment facility and the strength of the individual’s addiction), there are a few things that almost every patient will receive; such as detoxification, a personalized treatment plan and many more things that can help them though the recovery process.

    Making a choice

    For many of those suffering with an addiction to these types of drugs, there are only two options; get the professional help they need, or continue use.

    Continuing to take these substances when a user is unsure of dependency can be dangerous, especially as their effects lessen over time. This means that dosage will need to be upped to achieve the same type of high – and as increasing the amount taken can lead to overdose or even death, seeking treatment as early as possible is always advised.

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    Women’s Spiritual Retreats in Bali

    5 Reasons to Try a Women’s Spiritual Retreat in the Secluded Setting of Bali

    Bali plays host to one of the largest populations of practicing Buddhists. This way of life is commonly perceived incorrectly as a religion when it is in fact a set of mantras that millions of individuals live by on a day to day basis. These mantras define the way in which practitioners may live, with kindness, generosity and consideration being the most common traits to possess. Booking into women’s retreats in Bali is something that hundreds of people do every year and here are 5 reasons why you might want to consider your own trip.

    Escaping the Hustle and Bustle

    One of the main reasons why women book themselves into wellness centres in Bali is for the potential to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As these retreats are typically away from modern technology, there’s minimal obligation to interact with the outside world; allowing one to settle into their environment and unwind in a way that will promote their relaxation.

    Exploring Your Spirituality

    Spirituality is something that thousands of people are beginning to learn about each year, with the vast majority settling with the basics. There are those that want to take their spirituality to the next level however and as Bali boasts a high population of practicing Buddhists, it can be one of the most idyllic places in the world to explore spirituality to its fullest. With a Buddhist retreat, these spiritual pursuits can often come to fruition under the tutelage of an expert or experienced practitioner.

    Focussing on Your Wellness

    In this day and age it can be easy to overlook one’s wellness – and this isn’t just a term that applies to the physical self, but to the spiritual one, too. On the outside you may be physically healthy, but internally and where your mind is concerned; all sorts of turmoil may be taking place. Retreats will often focus on this aspect of spirituality and with guided meditation and relaxation techniques, your wellness could soon take on an entirely new meaning.

    Prioritising Your Happiness

    With internal wellness typically comes happiness. Knowing oneself can be an excellent way to come to terms with grief, sadness and anxiety – and in order to overcome these emotions and environments, meditation can be key. By taking part in the common activities that occur within these types of spiritual retreats, you could expose yourself to what experts deem ‘true happiness’, or in the simplest term – a state of self-awareness and contentment that puts things into perspective.

    Enjoying the Buddhist Methodology

    Although wellness, relaxation and happiness are just a few of the common traits pursued within many retreats in Bali, it’s the Buddhist methodology in general that leads so many to pursue bookings every year. This ancient practice has been used across Asia and is now found far and wide. If there’s one thing that practitioners would share in common, it’s a healthy, thoughtful approach to all aspects of their lives that they seem to emanate and this is reason enough to consider booking yourself into a retreat.

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    3 Advanced Laser Services That Beat Botox Which Everyone Is Talking About

    3 Advanced Laser Services Provided by Medical Spas

    Unlike more conventional skin treatments like Botox and anti wrinkle creams, laser treatments are a fairly new concept, but due to the increased demand for these types of services – more and more medical spas and salons are beginning to offer them. Although the uses of lasers are still being expanded upon, there are 3 particular services that have helped tens of thousands of people to enjoy smoother, clearer looking skin in the past few years alone. These services include:

    Laser for hair removal

    Up until fairly recently, the only few ways to remove unwanted body and facial hair was via waxing, plucking, shaving and threading. Although these methods can be highly effective – the main issue is that they don’t last for very long. Shaving can result in an increased rate of hair growth, while plucking will typically offer slightly longer lasting results, albeit still fairly short.

    Laser hair removal on the other hand is capable of ridding unwanted body hair from a variety of regions on the body. Furthermore, one treatment could keep hair away for up to two months, with consistent exposure being capable of completely eliminating hair regrowth from an area.

    Laser skin rejuvenation

    The dermal layers of our skin are constantly undergoing cycles of growth and renewal. During this process, dead and dying skin cells are supposed to flake off – but an unfortunate side effect of sebum secreted by our pores can result in clumping. Over the years, these cells can begin to weigh skin down, resulting in wrinkles, age lines and crows’ feet.

    Laser skin rejuvenation works by targeting a focused beam of laser light that will travel across the upper layer of skin, destroying dead skin cells and revealing a smoother, softer complexion underneath. The process won’t need to be undertaken often, with results occurring upon completion. There are numerous local clinics in your area offering promotional introductions for treatments – why not check one out before Christmas?

    Often patients undergo this kind of treatment in conjunction with Botox and dermal filler anti wrinkle work. See: https://www.aestheticsurgery.com.au/sydney-cosmetic-surgery-dermal-fillers/

    Tattoo removal

    Tattoos have only recently been linked to causing skin cancer and mutations within the cells of dermal layers. The more tattoos that a person has, the likelier they will be of developing this life-threatening condition. This can be more than enough reason to have a tattoo removed, but other reasons can be a little more personally motivated. In any event, lasers can help with this endeavour.

    By focusing the beam on parts of the tattoo it can be possible to break the pigment down until it is all but invisible. The duration of the process will depend on the size and shape of the tattoo – as well as the colours used. In the majority of cases, between 4 and 8 sessions will be needed for complete removal.

    From: https://argera.com.au/specials


    Update Nov 2018 : Courses Available – NIMA Beauty School in Utah

    Courses Available Starting In November 2018
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    Dermabrasion Versus Microdermabrasion – which is the best for smooth soft skin.

    Dermabrasion Versus Microdermabrasion

    When it comes to smooth, soft skin there are two particular treatments that are at the forefront of many salon services. They are called dermabrasion and microdermabrasion; two therapies that are similar in name, but very different by nature. On one side of the coin you have a solution that is effective when providing smooth, younger looking skin. On the other, you have an option that can strip dead and dying cells to reveal a much fresher complexion.

    Understanding Dermabrasion

    This type of treatment is one of the most common found within cosmetic clinics; particularly those that specialise in skin care. Derma means skin, hence the term dermal layers being used for the individual sheets of skin that can be found throughout the human body. It’s these layers that are responsible for producing skin cells and as new cells are formed, the older ones are forced upwards.

    Over time these cells can begin to build up, often weighing down the skin; which can lead to sagging, wrinkling and age lines in general. Dermabrasion works to ‘plane’ the surface of the skin, which acts to shave the upper most dermal layer in a unique way. Rather than using a razor blade to remove hair – dermabrasion therapies are ideal for targeting the dead and dying cells, allowing them to separate from other living cells to reveal a much smoother complexion underneath.

    Getting to Grips with Microdermabrasion

    Where the previously mentioned treatment is ideal for removing dead skin cells from the face, microdermabrasion differs in the way that it functions; even if it offers quite similar results. Instead of planing the surface of skin, this technique relies on thousands of tiny microcrystals which are blasted onto the surface of the outermost dermal layer, lifting away dirt, impurities and dead skin cells.

    The treatment is entirely safe and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals whatsoever. Although the thought of having air and microcrystals blasted against the skin might be a daunting prospect, the truth is that it is painless – and as the crystals are organic, there are no health concerns associated, nor any side effects beyond slight tingling to mark the passage of blood flow.

    Both of these treatments can be a very effective way to reveal a clean, fresh and younger looking complexion to the skin – and because of their gentle nature, they can be enjoyed as often as once or twice a month. For maximum results, always consult a trained therapist and consider pairing this service with a filler to minimise the look of wrinkles, whilst maximising the health and functionality of your dermal layers.

    Dermabrasion available in Australia

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    Breastfeeding Dilemmas for New Mothers

    Born to be breastfed

    Centuries ago, and before the invention of baby powders and synthetic milks, one of the only ways for a new born child to receive nourishment was via the breast milk produced by its mother. Although more and more people are turning to alternatives to provide the vital nutrients needed for their new baby to grow, plenty still choose the traditional method – a method promoted by doctors and medical experts in general.

    But there can be a lot of stigmas surrounding the act of breastfeeding, particularly when it comes to privacy, comfort and the availability of milk.

    On one hand, this natural activity can be considered invasive by many and what would have originally taken place with the needs of the baby in mind has now been replaced by the demand for etiquette and appropriate behaviour. Many mothers feel that they are unable to feed their babies in public and plenty turn to alternative measures, such as using breast pumps to express milk for use when the baby needs, or even using man-made powders to be fed via bottle.

    What other stigmas exist around breastfeeding?

    Some mothers simply struggle with the fact that there are issues surrounding breastfeeding in general. Although it is an activity that is entirely natural, it can often be deemed inappropriate and even suggestive by some. But there are many other concerns that mothers face – and these can include the comfort of the activity itself, with plenty complaining of pain during suckling; which can often lead to sores and rashes.

    Furthermore, there’s also the risk of not being able to produce enough milk – an event that seems to be occurring more and more frequently as the years go by. Many doctors and specialists put this down to a decrease in adult nutrition, from diets and so on. When it comes to actually having to breastfeed their children, it’s not uncommon for mothers to feel as if they would prefer not to expose their tender skin to their child – and in extreme cases infections can occur as a result of the skin being grazed and unable to heal.

    Other options for new mums available to help with a newborn

    Many mothers enjoy nothing more than suckling their young babies whenever the child is hungry, but it’s not unheard of for others to feel like they simply can’t. Although there really isn’t any natural reason why they shouldn’t; the stigma associated with the activity can be pretty daunting. Fortunately, there are many options available.

    As mentioned briefly above, many mothers choose to use breast pumps to express milk when it’s available and then store it for use at a later date. These devices allow the milk to be extracted in a painless manner and then easily transported from device to bottle, or another suitable storage accessory. Although feeding by bottle might be frowned upon by some doctors; this doesn’t relate to mothers using their own milk, as the stigma actually relates to the substitute powders and ingredients manufactured to replace natural breast milk.