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    Tours in Puglia – travel ideas when visiting Puglia

    Why Spend a Holiday in Puglia?

    Are you keen to travel to the wonderful Italian region of Puglia? If so, we’re sure that you’ll be interested in learning a little more about this stunning location and why it could be the ideal place for your next Italian getaway.  

    The good news is that we are experts on this breathtaking destination, and we would love to help you to see the beauty that this hidden gem has to offer. Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re certain that you’ll want to take a trip to Puglia:

    The region’s Italian roots

    Many people come here to immerse themselves in the unique way of living on offer, because the Puglia lifestyle is just so incredible. Laid-back, friendly and generally relaxed, you’re likely to find that you can easily get along with locals and enjoy your holiday at a nice pace. Much like the rest of the country, Apulia is very Italian and this is just one of the many traditional aspects you’ll see here.

    Things to do in Puglia

    If you’ve done any research on Apulia, you’re likely to find that there is so much to do here – and this is just one reason why so many people choose to travel to Puglia. From historic landmarks, to cultural events; there really is no end to the variety of options.

    The beautiful beaches

    Thanks to its position at the heel of Italy’s boot, those visiting Puglia are likely to find that they’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to relaxing on soft, clean sand and enjoying the wonderful weather (if you’re curious about the best time to visit Puglia, you’ll be glad to hear that the climate is excellent almost all year round). Just visit one of the coastal towns and take in the beauty, you won’t regret it!

    Is Puglia safe?

    Those who are wary of travelling to an unknown destination will be glad to hear that this region is very safe, especially if you’re planning on picking a guided walk Puglia tour (or any kind of tour, since you’ll be with a large group of people as you explore).

    Our tours of Puglia

    This is just a small selection of the many things that make this part of Italy well worth a visit – and we want to show you as much of this beauty as we can.

    Here at Travel Puglia, we aim to provide our guests with the best possible experience, so you can rest assured that we’ll take the time to ensure that your stay is perfect.  Whether you’re looking to have an adventure to tell your friends back home, or you simply want to see some beautiful Puglia sights; there really is so much to offer that we want to share with you.

    Author Denis Mackenzie

  • conquest floor cleaning equipment

    Who are Conquest Floor Cleaning?

    A Closer Look at Conquest Floor Cleaning

    In need of flexible floor cleaning solutions for your business? If so, you may want to take a closer look at Conquest Floor Cleaning and what they could do for you.

    Known across Australia and New Zealand for being one of the best suppliers of commercial and industrial floor cleaning gear (from a range of excellent power scrubbers, to several machines that are ideal for outdoor use), it’s not hard to see why so many individuals have chosen to buy their equipment from this company.

    Who are Conquest Floor Cleaning?

    For over 40 years and counting, this Australian family owned business has been providing clients with some of the best floor cleaning equipment available; offering a fast yet effective solution for their clients, hence why their motto is “the clever way to clean”.

    Their passion and dedication has allowed them to grow their business to the point where they are now able to assist individuals in practically any industry, so whatever you’re in need of, you’ll find something that’s perfect for your needs.

    Support and service are crucial to the team here, so you can rest assured that if you ever need any assistance, they’ll be on hand.

    Options to hire or even purchase

    If you’ve found a particular sweeping machine or other kinds of industrial or commercial cleaning equipment that you want from Conquest Floor Cleaning, you’ll be glad to hear that they have a number of options available for how you can obtain the items you need.

    For example, if you’re only in the market for a short term hire, they’ve got you covered with an excellent plan to allow you to use their products for the amount of time required. Long term options are available too, which can often be great in a variety of scenarios.

    On top of all this, if you have rented a machine long enough to know that you can trust it, you can even buy it (of course, you can simply buy outright without hiring if you are in a position to do so). This way, you can ensure that the ownership of the machinery you want is in your hands. This can be especially good for those who trial a piece of equipment with short term hire and decide that they want to have use of it permanently.

    Where are their services available?

    Fortunately for those who are looking to make use of everything that Conquest has to offer, they deliver, support and offer their services to customers across the country. With headquarters in Tullamarine, offices in Regional Victoria, Sydney and Brisbane, and even numerous service outlets around Australia and Conquest Floor Cleaning New Zealand; you can rest assured that they’ll be able to offer you the assistance you need.

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    How Companies Can Benefit From Using A Mystery Shopper

    Do Companies Really Benefit From Using a Mystery Shopper?

    Despite the many benefits that can come with using the services of mystery shop agencies, there are many companies that haven’t ever considered utilising their potential. This might not be too much of an issue for some corporations, but there are many that can take advantage of the services that these experienced shoppers have to offer, such as those in retail or the food industry.

    These individuals don’t tend to cost too much either and in most cases, they can provide a company with valuable information about their business that wouldn’t typically be available otherwise.

    How can a business make use of mystery shoppers?

    It can be vital for practically any company to make use of the services that a secret shopper has to offer because they offer a unique approach to data collection – and that’s first hand experience.

    These individuals are often able to provide business owners, managers and supervisors with information that could be used to improve their business; from the performance of their staff to the quality of facilities. In some cases, they can find issues that the owner wasn’t originally aware of.

    Their undercover services can often be beneficial in a variety of ways and don’t necessarily have to pick out all the issues – in fact, most will provide information on where the business is doing good to give the owner the chance to understand where they need improvement and where they’re already performing impressively.

    The advantages of hiring an undercover shopper

    There are an array of benefits that their services can offer a company – and if you’re looking to improve your business, you’re sure to find them to be more than useful. Here are just a couple of the perks that you should consider if you’re thinking of hiring one:

    They’re experienced

    It’s not always possible for a manager to recognise issues within a business, but with a secret customer working on behalf of the franchise; getting a first-hand view can be far simpler. They have a keen eye and the knowledge to pick out all the details of your business; the good and the bad.

    You can get an honest review of your business

    Being able to trust that you’ll get a professional’s genuine opinion of your company can be crucial if you want to find areas where you can improve. Fortunately, these shoppers won’t have any emotional attachments and will assess everything in an unbiased manner.

    Should you hire one?

    If you consider all the things that they could do for your business, the choice to hire mystery shopping services should be a no-brainer. With the chance to improve your company and see your corporations’ strong points, you’ll often find that these types of individuals can give you all the information you need to improve your enterprise.

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    Reputation Management – how to manage your online brand.

    Improving Your Reputation Online the Right Way

    Article by MyReputationRepair

    The internet plays host to half of the world’s population and although the vast majority use it for leisure and enjoyment; there are many that take advantage of its potential for professional purposes. If there’s one thing that anyone with a brand or online presence knows, it’s that a damaged reputation can make it incredibly difficult to be taken seriously online, especially when you have done a lot of offline promotional branding with promotional items, TV and radio ads and expos.

    Every year, countless businesses are afflicted with a negative reputation in the form of reviews, opinions, or unsavoury comments. Although many choose to overlook these events, the harsh truth is that the longer a reputation is left damaged – the greater the impact can be.

    How Can Your Reputation Be Fixed?

    Regardless of how affected you or your business might be, there is a way to fix things – and it is often referred to as online reputation management.

    What Does Fixing Your Brand’s Reputation Involve?

    Generally speaking, the process will require an expert in reputation management to evaluate the condition of your online presence and then introduce measures to combat the symptoms that led to negativity. For example, one of the most common consequences of a poor opinion of a business or brand name online can be lower ranking in search results.

    What this means is that as your name deteriorates, your website could drop down in Google’s estimations and therefore receive fewer visitors; which can translate to much less traffic.

    And the lower your online visibility, the greater the impact could be on your profitability. With an expert on hand to help to remove and repair any damage that is present, you could soon start to see your branding climb higher in search results, simply by pushing negative listings down in the ranks. This could be done in several different ways; from creating fresh sites and pages to lower the unwanted ones, all the way to targeting the unfair mentions and having them eradicated over time.

    How Easy Is The Reputation Clean Up Process?

    Although many attempt to repair their reputations themselves, the truth is that this can sometimes do more harm than good. Then there’s the fact that the process can be very lengthy, so results could take years to come to fruition without the right type of expertise. With a specialist that understands the flow of online search results, as well as ranking positions and so on, they could target the most prominent techniques and utilise them in the most effective ways.

    What Should You Do?

    If you’ve noticed that your business is suffering the consequences of a negative reputation, don’t lose heart. Even the most damaged brand can enjoy the potential of full recovery – you just need the right expert on your side of the fence. Whether it’s a competitor targeting you digitally, an unfair collection of reviews, or anything in between; be sure to reach out to an experienced specialist and have them evaluate the causes of your situation. In the best case scenario, they should at the very least be able to help you to push negative listings further down search pages in favour of fresh, fairer results instead.

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    Cleaning up when you are moving on..

    Why Hire a Professional Rug Cleaning Service like East2South?

    Carpets and rugs can often play an important role in our home; not only keeping our feet warm, but also adding decoration to the property. However, no matter how careful you are, they’re bound to get dirty and will often need regular cleaning. While some people may feel that hiring professional rug cleaning services is a waste of time and money, there are several reasons why it can be a good idea to get the help of experts.

    1: The right tools for the job

    There’s a good chance that you won’t have all the professional gear needed to properly and safely clean a carpet available to you at home – and this alone is an important reason to consider hiring from a specialist company.

    While a vacuum cleaner may seem to get the job done, there’s bound to be some stubborn dirt and bacteria that stays in your rug. In most cases, experts will use different tools depending on the type of fabric your carpet is made of, ensuring that your rug is as clean as possible by the time their work is done.

    2: Experience in carpet cleaning

    Alongside the right equipment, most companies will often hire employees who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to cleaning the different kinds of materials that can be found in rugs and carpets. Having an expert address stains and general care with the right tools and knowledge could save you a headache down the line.

    3: Professional tips and advice

    In most cases, a good team of carpet cleaners will offer more than just their skills and experience when cleaning your rugs; they can also give you tips to help you to maintain the cleanliness and keep them fresher for longer. Proper at-home maintenance could help you to extend the time in between professional cleans too, making this advice all but invaluable.

    4: They can help your carpet to last longer

    If you’re unfortunate, you could be damaging the fibers of your floor treatment by not cleaning it in the right way and this could at the very least lessen its lifespan – which could make hiring a professional’s help even more cost-effective down the line. In general, rugs are sensitive and need proper care and this makes the experience and skill of a professional incredibly handy.

    Most specialists will analyze the carpet fabric before making a decision on which detergents and cleaning equipment to use, as well as which method of cleaning will be best for your rug. Typically, this can be crucial to how long your installation stays vibrant, plush and functional.

  • Jason Sugarman

    Jason Sugarman Interview

    Jason Sugarman Examines Reasons for the Interest of Big Brands in Esports 

    Since the 1990s, the internet has changed the way we look at the world and altered how we live our lives. One of the biggest changes we can see in the world is how we play sports and the interactions we have with major sporting events and brands. For example, social media platforms now give us an insight into the daily lives of our favorite sportspeople and celebrities with fans now seeing inside the lives of players in all sports and at all levels. The latest development in the world of sports is the esports phenomenon that is being led by the arrival of streaming services such as Twitch.

    The arrival of big brands in esports has been on the cards for a number of years following the momentum that is building around digital sports games around the world. If we look at the FlyQuest team purchased by the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise and Aston Villa English Premier League team, Wes Edens. The arrival of sports owners who have a long history of finding success in traditional sporting environments was bound to push their usual big brand partners to seek out new opportunities to partner with teams. Edens FlyQuest recently announced they had partnered with Snickers to become the official chocolate supplier to the team.

    Edens is not the only big name to make their way to the esports realm with fellow soccer team owners, Manchester City’s The City Group and Paris Saint Germain also establishing their own FIFA teams. The arrival of major teams and sports leagues in the esports realm has been on the cards for a long time and was undoubtedly going to lead to a surge in sponsorship deals for teas at all levels. Since the mid-1990s, soccer has been a big business with money flooding into the sport with the arrival of these clubs in the esports sector seeing the clubs looking for new ways of making money. 

    Individuals can become as popular as top sports stars

    There are many different personalities in the world with some of the top Instagram celebrities being sports stars, such as soccer players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. However, the shift in the way big brands are looking to advertise their products has led to the development of a new way of advertising products using video gaming and esports stars. 

    According to Jason Sugarman the top influencer in esports is now the “Frtnite” player, Typer “Ninja” Blevins who won the recent world cup of the game and took home a $3 million prize. Ninja had found success streaming his “Fortnite” playing online and was moving up the charts of various platforms before the game really took off and he was identified as a star by celebrities looking to play alongside him. The moment Ninja became a certified star can be viewed as the decision to play alongside the rapper Drake as the YouTube fans of the Canadian star pushed Ninja into a new era of stardom. Following the rise of Ninja, his appearance on the cover of “ESPN Magazine” changes the way the esports sector is seen across the world.

    In the past, the role of the online influencer was limited to social media platforms where they would be paid for partnering with a major brand and advertising their products through their posts. A shift in the way the big brands look to social media influencers have taken place by their move into the esports sector where various products can be marketed and a brand’s reputation enhanced. Among younger people, traditional TV watching of sports and shows is no longer a major pastime, instead, TV is becoming the realm of the middle-aged and elderly. 

    As esports moves into the mainstream with more younger people knowing the handle of their favorite player than the actual name of a celebrity, the sponsorship deals being developed are also changing. The watershed moment for esports in mainstream marketing may have come with the arrival of Head & Shoulders as the main sponsor of the Russian gamer, Roman “Ramzees666” Kushnarez as the new face of the hair care product range in a first for esports marketing.

    Big brand name companies are looking to change the way the world of esports is enjoyed and to embrace the different cultural aspects of gaming among a tough to reach demographics within society. Millennials are more likely to cut the cord and remove their traditional TV service that has dominated marketing since the middle of the 20th-century. Take an example of the Super Bowl which has built into an event as famous for the adverts on the show as it is for the success of the NFL teams reaching the big game. A 30-second ad during half-time is said to be worth around $50 million with brands building an entire campaign season around the world.

    The growth of the esports world is expected to grow across the world with streaming views expected to rise from just five percent of YouTube videos in 2018 to over 40 percent by 2021. Like any other business, esports needs funding to develop in the coming years with a high level of investment expected from some of the world’s biggest brands. Although the development of esports around the world has included the growth of a range of options from linkups with movies to uniform color changes to suit the needs of advertisers, sports players are more aware of the needs fo advertisers.

    The evolution of major sports, such as soccer and basketball came over a prolonged period of time taking more than a century to achieve sustained business success. Many of the stars of esports look to the business work of athletes such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and David Beckham as opening doors into advertising with major brands. In the 1980s, many star soccer players were limited to advertising with local brands close to where they played their sport. Just a decade later, David Beckham had launched his global brand with marketing partnerships with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

    Understanding the marketing needs fo major brands has allowed members of Germany’s Unicorns of Love team to promote the “Deadpool 2” movie and record lines for the dubbed version of the movie in German. Other teams have announced their jersey colors will change to suit the needs of sponsors in a similar way to the branding of Formula One cars competing in Grand Prix races. As the fanbase of esports teams continues to rise, the needs of marketers will become even more important to players and teams looking to build a brand that lasts across many decades.

    Author Jason Sugarman

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    Exciting ways to show off your wedding jewellery

    Exciting Ways to Show-Off Your Wedding Jewellery

    Weddings can be the ideal opportunity to dress up and showcase the latest trend and when it comes to wedding jewellery; there’s no better reason to wear the most prominent rings, the most stylish necklaces and the most elegant of accessories. But there’s a fine line between style and tackiness, and if you’re keen to avoid the latter – here’s a brief guide with exciting ways to show-off your wedding accessories whilst keeping things tasteful.

    Less can often be more with wedding jewellery

    We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more’ and when it comes to jewellery, this can certainly be the case. Although many celebrations can seem like a good opportunity to wear absolutely everything that you own and watch as you sparkle – the chances are that you’ll look a little Christmas-tree like. Rather than adorning absolutely everything; try to pay a little extra attention to style. Take a page out of the celebrity book by opting for a stunning ring that has been elegantly crafted by a skilled jeweller. Or perhaps go for an eye-catching necklace with its own precious gem centralised within gold, silver, or platinum.

    Costume jewellery can be fairly obvious these days

    Even with the advancement in technologies for manufacturing plastic and other materials; it can be pretty noticeable if you opt for costume jewellery. Although some can be a great way to start a conversation; most weddings will be tasteful events, so it’s always advisable to wear the proper types of accessories. As far as your wedding jewels are concerned, this could be a subtle gemstone set in a precious metal, or an elegant bracelet that features a variety of stones that twinkle attractively. Unless your piece of costume jewellery is especially convincing, you might end up regretting wearing it when looking back at the wedding photos.

    Handmade jewellery is the new trend

    There’s a reason why customised jewellery is becoming so popular and it’s because rather than using machines to take care of the processes involved in its design and assembly – there’s something far more appealing about knowing that an expert literally dedicated hours, days and sometimes weeks. Handmade rings are often cast using some of the most traditional methods known and this in itself can act as a talking point when sparking up conversation at a wedding.

    Don’t always go for gold

    Going for gold is a safe bet in most cases, but no so when it comes to jewellery. Although stunning – there are other types of materials that are often used instead of gold for rings, bracelets and necklaces. These include platinum; a rare and often expensive material that simply emanates wealth and style. Then there’s silver; a tarnish-resistant ore that can yield a brilliant sheen. Or for a unique alternative to gold, opting for a rose tinted finish, or a yellower-aesthetic can be even more appealing.

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    Unique Residence Homes & Renovations

    Unique Residence Homes

    When it comes to a huge range of online home design ideas, no one quite does it like Unique residenceHomes. Based in Aus, they offer some of the most stunningly designed homes in the world – all of which are designed and constructed by their team of luxury home builders in Perth. But who exactly are they and what can you expect from their services?

    Getting to Know Unique Residence Homes

    With over two decades of experience in the construction and design industry; TSH have paved the way for home owners and property management firms alike. Their team of prestige home builders know exactly what to do to create unique signature homes that not only reflect the occupant’s style; they do so at a very affordable price too.

    As luxury home builders, it’s their job to get to know their client’s needs, before putting pen to paper and coming up with a fantastic design that even royalty would be proud of. When constructing a home from the ground up, TSH make sure that their blueprints are accurate and reliable, and they’ll keep their clients informed every single step of the way.

    If they are undertaking a conversion project (or a project that involves renovating a ready-built property), then their team of experienced designers and builders are no less thorough. Whether a wall needs knocking down to make way for an indoor Jacuzzi, or if a balcony is due to be constructed to overlook the stunning scenery in the distance; TSH will take care of the process every step of the way.

    They have direct communication with local authorities that can grant planning permission, and once the owner obtains this permission the rest of the project is good to go. Each and every element of design that goes in to luxury display homes will have been carefully gone over with the home owner, and the entire construction process can take a matter of months!

    If you have a luxury home project in mind and want to get in touch with the Unique Residence Homes team, then why not visit their website at Unique Residence today? They’ll be able to advise you on the best plan of action for your home, and their friendly team will even plan a meeting with you to discuss the best ways in which to carry the project out.

    It’s not just construction projects that the company take on – they are also happy to renovate living areas, convert entire rooms and gardens, and everything in between, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today for further information.

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    First Aid Courses, save a life in the workplace

    What Do Online First Aid Training Courses Provide?

    As should be expected, the traditional course will often use physical methods whereas the online one will rely on digital and visual alternatives. But with that being said, online courses are often an excellent way to introduce people to the concept of providing first aid when necessary, or preparing them to take their education further.

    There are several different types of online course and in most cases they last for under an hour. They can be booked at about a fifth of the total price of a regular course, although it’s worth noting that this will depend on the training provider and the extensiveness of the course itself

    What are the benefits of online training for first aid 

    There are several advantages to training online; from being able to do so in a group at a cost per person, right through to minimising the need to have to travel to a facility to take part. The most common types of online courses include the Introduction to First Aid (shortened to IFA) which takes roughly an hour to complete. This course can be an effective way to introduce staff to the processes involved in providing first aid emergency care, as well as teaching them when to do so.

    Another popular course relates to defibrillator awareness; or understanding how and when to use a defibrillation tool. The course will cover many aspects of the use of the device including where to connect it, how to apply it to a person and how to avoid risk of injury. All online courses will either be undertaken in real time and with an expertly qualified trainer, or via pre-recorded activities.

    Can these first aid courses really train you or your staff?

    It’s important to consider that as effective as these courses can be; they are typically used as a step into the field of medical assistance and support. Although beneficial – many experts consider them to be suitable for use as workplace inductions, or introductory sessions. Once completed, confirmation of undertaking will be provided and the individual can then choose to use this confirmation to provide support when required; or take their education to the next level (often via a physical course whereby they can improve their skills).

    Find more at our first aid course information site https://sites.google.com/view/firstaidtrainingcoursesperth/first-aid-courses

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    Specialist RTO Recruitment Agencies – finding the right job for you

    The Best RTO Recruitment Agencies Specialise 

    When it comes to looking for work, it’s no secret that there are a range of things that you can do to make yourself seem more attractive when applying for certain jobs. Having an in-depth CV, good references and a professional attitude during interviews can all be positive signs that you could be a potential candidate, but what happens of your skills don’t quite match the role you are hoping to land, or if you are looking for specialist roles that are overflowing with applications? Well, you could consider signing up to a specialist recruitment agency.

    What are RTO recruitment agencies?

    These types of companies aim to connect employers with potential employees, easing the process for many individuals across Australia on both sides of the interview table. A large company looking to employ a number of candidates may contact an RTO consulting specialist to see if they may be able to help, before listing positions in the public domain (job forums, on-site, on company websites, etc).

    The agency will screen job seekers that are signed up to their services and then contact/put forward any who meet the initial criteria for interview. The agency will then be paid for their services (but this will vary by type of agency, if they hire and their own protocol).

    How can specialist RTO agencies help?

    Finding the right job can often be more difficult for those with specialist training skills, as they will tend to be more limited when looking for specific work – and they may find themselves with a less diverse range of competition (meaning that they will be vying for roles against people whose skills will more often than not mirror their own).

    Specialist agencies will have all of the necessary tools at their disposal to connect the right candidate with the right employer and can bring much more relevant job opportunities right to the table. In many cases, all a job seeker will need to do is sign up to an agency, detail their skills and their hopes for recruitment and then sit back while the professionals do the rest.

    Who can sign up to specialist RTO recruitment?

    Anyone with a skillset that is considered to be specialist or niche can enrol to an agency (subject to their own criteria). Many of these types of agencies tend to cater specifically to those qualified in certain areas – and these can include manual traders such as builders, plumbers and electricians, those with specialised managerial and business skills, or those with expertise in computer programming.

    Those with extended knowledge or training in any niche profession may find it vital to their career to sign up to a recruitment agency, whether they are looking for full-time, part-time, or even temporary roles.